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Web Design guideline from developer’s perspective

A developers guide to web design This web design guideline is an opinionated one, from a developer’s perspective (based on bad examples we have seen). It’s aim is to teach designers how to design for developers. Color Palette Define a palette of colors that will be used throughout the website....
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What is responsive web design & the benefits of redesigning your website

What is responsive web design or “RWD”? Responsive web design means having one website that adapts to all the different screens and devices. From Large 1920px wide monitors to cell phones of about 340px wide displays. On large monitors and on laptop screens website is presented in multiple columns while...
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What is E-Commerce & why we choose Woocommerce and Magento

What is and why E-commerce? E-Commerce is a way to sell products online, reach broader audiences, and improve earnings while automating the process of transactions. It all started with the first ever online sale that happened on August 11, 1994. Someone sold a “Sting” CD to his friend through his...
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