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What is SEO pt2 – 5 Steps Meta Description Guide 2020

The Meta what? Yes, been there done that. Honestly, I was confused about meta description as you are right now, not only I am going to help you understand it better but also share some of the tips that helped me.  Let’s jump right into it!  What is a Meta Description? A meta description is a...
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What is SEO pt1 – SEO Copywriting-for-Beginners

Do you have a website and you need help to optimize your it for SEO? You are in the right place! We will help you learn to rank your website better and make it to the top 3 Google search results.  What is SEO copywriting? What is that? Is that like content writing? Is...
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Types of websites, and how they differ

Examples and tips to help you understand what’s best for you There are around 2 billion websites all over the Internet. That’s more than the stars in the clear night sky that the human eye can perceive. Even though this may sound a bit overwhelming, there is a simple trick that can effectively make this...
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2020 Web Design Trends for WordPress Websites

Web Design is a great way to place your thoughts into shapes. The opportunities that it has to offer revolutionize the way we think about it. In order to stay competitive, you should regularly review your website’s design but also the functionality. Be ready to change and evolve. In this article, we will...
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WebRedone Named a Top Developer in Serbia by Clutch

As an emerging web development house, we constantly strive to make every project as perfect as possible because the client satisfaction matters. Our diverse team of experienced resources focuses on building long-lasting relationships with our customers as we journey through a project together. It’s no...
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Custom WordPress Theme: Why is it a better option than a premium one?

WordPress Content Management System As a “factory that makes pages” WordPress has proven to be one of the most trusted and preferred Content Management Systems (CMS). The main reason for this is the great plugin architecture that stands in the core of WordPress. It allows users to maintain features...
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UI Style Guide: The best way to create a consistent design

What is a UI Style Guide, and why it is a useful tool? Starting to plan the design of your project has the utmost importance for its future realization. What is even more – it can bring you a lot of benefits that can give you a great starting push. Nowadays, the attention span of...
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Why do you need a website and what you get by taking your business online

If you own a business but still don’t have a website for it, you are missing a lot. In this article, we will explain why do you need a website and what are the benefits of running an online business. OFFLINE “BRICK AND MORTAR” BUSINESS IS NOT ENOUGH, HERE’S WHY First, your direct competitors may...
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Website load time optimization & why it matters for your online business

Website Load Time Optimization can “make or break” your online business. A few seconds determine if your website visitor will continue browsing your website or will leave it asap. So, having that said, website loading time speed is essential. It hurts users and search engines. Website load time...
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Web Design guideline from the developer’s perspective

A developer’s guide to web design This web design guide is an opinionated one, as it is from a developer’s perspective, and focuses more on the technical aspect of designing for the web more than on the creative one. Learning how to design for web if you are just starting might seem difficult and...
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What is E-Commerce & why choose Woocommerce or Magento

What is and why E-commerce? E-Commerce is a way to sell products online, reach broader audiences, and improve earnings while automating the process of transactions. It all started with the first-ever online sale that happened on August 11, 1994. Someone sold a “Sting” CD to his friend through his...
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