Beach Front Property Management provides quality third-party, property management services for thousands of units in apartment communities and commercial buildings in Southern California.

“Choosing a property management company for your rental or investment property is a huge decision – one that could make or break your future as a property owner. Will you have the time and resources to grow or will you be stuck in the minutia?”

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Beach Front Property Management approached us with the intent of completely redesigning their website.

They already had a beautiful and clean design done by their internal team.

The idea was to develop a custom WordPress theme that is fast, easily manageable, and with as few plugins as possible installed.

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We approached developing Beach Front’s new website as we do for any WordPress-based project. From scratch, based on our tested and proven theme starter.

At that time, Gutenberg hadn’t yet been developed; In order to get as much possibility regarding different layouts and the ease of reusing and rearranging sections, we went with the ACF’s Flexible Content field.

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